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WoMEN Sports Foundation (WSF) is conceptualized by a sportsman who wishes to fulfill and translate his passion for sports and strengthen the future of Indian sports and Indian players in the field of sports and fitness. WSF works for the growth, development & benefits of Sport & Sportsperson. As to strengthen the end product one must always work hard towards strengthening the roots. So this is what we focus on, “Bringing the change at the grass-root level.”

WSF is a non-government organisation, working since the March of 2012. Sports and health are WSFs primary objectives. Along with these, it is also working on multipurpose objectives  like promotion of arts & cultural, education, skill development, handcrafts & textiles, cottage & small scale industries, Cancer awareness, Environment & Climate Change, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, etc.  


"Our Mission is to improve the lives of the people and nurture sports talent in them."


"We have a dream to help people around the world to make their dreams come true."

Celebrating 10 Years of Making A Difference!


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We have many volunteer opportunities available. Much of what the Women Sports Foundation accomplishes is a result of volunteers and civic support. 

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Founder’s Message

Dear Patrons,

I believe in the power of sport to inspire, unite us and improve our health and wellness. “Whatever we do, is done keeping the benefits of my country at the utmost priority. Being a responsible citizen of India, it is my responsibility to create opportunities for my community’s growth along with wsf.” The goal is to make India excel amongst all the nations out there.

WSF is set to bring about betterment in the world and make our country move towards greatness.

Together, we drive meaningful change in communities around the world.