Piyush Sachdeva, a sportsperson turned sports promoter and entrepreneur runs several NGOs and organisations. He is a dedicated philanthropist, entrepreneur, business consultant and sports maven who has been working towards making sports and its management a success since the last 10 years.

Piyush, started off as a cricket player and represented his state, Haryana, in the national tournaments. But later, when he realised of the blindspot prevailing in the form of sports business, which results into a lack of right guidance to the ambitious youth, he shifted his focus from being the best sportsperson to making Indian sports the ‘best’. This made him start his NGOs which help the athletes with financial as well as non-financial support. From providing direct funds and equipment aids to basic training camps, medical camps, they run all sorts of programs.


Following the footprints of his inspiration Nelson Mandela, Piyush has dedicated his entire career to develop the sole aspect that is closest to his heart and beliefs, i.e. Sports, and firmly believes that sports and services like these can get India out of several problems like unemployment, drug addiction, obesity, lack of funds and revenue etc.

Piyush believes that this is the era of change and it demands the same. The same in our approach, mindset and dedication. According to his beliefs sports is not just sports, it’s a revolution and a feeling that will prove to be a bridge between the current and the better India. His entire decade long journey and the one lying ahead is focused on his end goal, i.e. to build an International Sports Village in India. A village which will have an International stadium of every Olympic sport, practice grounds, Rehab and High performance training centres, Indoor practice arena, Sports Institute, physical exercise areas, accommodations for players and coaches, different sports clubs for the general public etc. With this vision in his eyes, Piyush is toiling day and night with his effective and brilliant ideas to make Indian sports a huge success.

According to him, Leader is not the one who thinks just about himself. Leader is someone who helps others become leaders. And this is the characteristic that Piyush, without admission, seems to abide by since day one. We will always be wise to remember, however, one thing, either you choose the purpose of your life or the purpose of your life chooses you. And here, with Piyush, it happened both ways.


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