Training and Equipment Aid to Children and Adolescent from India aspiring to become Sportsperson/Athletes

About the Project

Future Stars is a program aiming to cure the problems right from the grassroots level. This is to promote sports within the youth of India and to also encourage the ones who cannot afford the basic equipment (like shoes, playing kit, etc.), coaching and nutrition to pursue sports. We believe, Running is economical than therapy which not only keeps our body but even our mind healthy. Thus this Initiative is conceptualized as a running program coming with a vision of promoting & creating the sports culture in India

Objectives of the Project

The Future Stars Initiative is designed to initiate a change at the grass-root level, i.e. for school & college going students by providing them what they require the most to kickstart and groom their career as an athlete i.e. a pair of shoes, a sports kit, training, Nutrition and an opportunity to leave their fears behind, these are the equipment aids which fulfill their basic requirements. This way we give them the opportunity and power to earn their own equipment aids which, otherwise, are purchased once a year in common case scenario and as a result hamper the success of a lot many individuals. This is a special initiative for the athletes, which will not only give the upcoming generation a stimulating environment of competition but camaraderie and a required propel as well. It encourages them to excel in their fields and win laurels for their teams and themselves.

Entitlements to Project Beneficiary

  • Free of Cost Coaching and Training
  • Distributing Sport Gear and Accessories comprising of Shoes, Sports Kit, etc.
  • Exposure and Learning Opportunities