“Sports is Education too”: Bolstering it together, right from the grassroot.

The set of Unit Test series “Khel bhi Shiksha hai”, witnessed its first round of tournaments in Karan Stadium, Karnal. The event marked the advent of a pan-India game championship.

“This is a set of Unit Test series for all the athletes who are enrolled with the government centres. Almost every Olympic game is included in this with four different categories for competitions, “under 14, under 16, under 20 and senior group” starting with athletic competitions at first. With well-deserved prizes for the winners, this free set of unit test series is to assess and teach the students on their game fronts. It provides them with a much required platform to practice their skills and confidence level.” With this mission the championship is set to take place at a pan-India level in the near future to reach out to more budding athletes.


WORLD 10K Run is one of the most recognized and best-organized city runs in India. It has become a signature event of the beautiful state of Haryana. Here the city’s big and famous, men and women, young and old, all participate with “josh” to their fullest. The simple mission is to Promote Sports culture, fitness and health among the people & drive home the idea that “Every Step Counts”. It is an International Event which would include mass participation from Indian as well as foreign nationals


To assist schools and colleges and federations financially and non-financially for organizing sports festivals and championships. Through such programs also creating awareness among people about cancer and safety to the masses.

Despite the ongoing challenges facing school boards across the province, it is our hope that all sides will somehow be able to rise above them and ensure this precious opportunity for individual student success and growth is maintained providing sport and other extracurricular to every young person in this province will be a victory for us all.

Students become involved in extra-curricular activities not only for entertainment, social and pleasure purposes, but, most importantly, to gain and improve skills. In fact, researchers will tell you that almost any type of student participation in high school and middle school positively affects students’ learning and development. With this in mind, we cannot ignore the impact of extracurriculars on our students.

Play and shine (Khelo Aur Chamko)

Play and shine (Khelo Aur Chamko) is an initiative to help and highlight issues in Indian sports as india lags behind and need sufficient improvement and support.


“Sports as a Career”

We invite international players to motivate students to take sports as a career. Special Talent Award will be given to students with excellent performance in sports and Guru Award for appreciation to physical instructors and coaches.

At this event accolades will be given to all the participants followed by healthy refreshment. And will be attended by our friends from the media, coaches, people known in the sports industry and along with our invited guests. In order to help women sports develop across the society and encourage talented sports women to come out without any kind discrimination, the money that raised in this event will also be used to organize sport camps and support women players who lacks opportunities at different levels.

Haryana’s Fastest Runner

Haryana’s Fastest Runner is a first in its kind running championship coming up with a vision of promoting & recognizing the sports culture in Haryana. This championship is a process towards finding the fastest running man and woman of the state. The goal is to prepare more and more representatives for the nation on the International front and provide an opportunity to the enthusiasts who are waiting for a push. Haryana being the biggest contributor in ‘Indian Sports Representatives Count’ needs this opportunity to harness the power even further. It not only deserves but even requires these opportunities to give the town the appreciation and boost that is long overdue.

This championship is designed for the senior category for everyone above 18. The category classification remains the same for men and women

Happy Feet Initiative (Changing lives)

Happy initiative is a program aiming to cure the problems right from the grassroot level. It aims at under 14,16 & 19 age groups for both boys & girls. In this program we will organize 600 & 800 meter sprints as an eligibility test for athletes. Top 25 in each category will get a pair of shoes and a Playing kit. This is to promote sports within the youth of India and to also encourage the ones who cannot afford the basic equipment to pursue sports like shoes and a playing kit.