About Our Organisation

WoMEN Sports Foundation (WSF) is conceptualized by a sportsman who wishes to fulfill and translate his passion for sports and strengthen the future of Indian sports and Indian players in the field of sports and fitness. WSF works for the growth, development & benefits of Sport & Sportsperson. As to strengthen the end product one must always work hard towards strengthening the roots. So this is what we focus on, “Bringing the change at the grass-root level.”

At WSF, we believe champions are not born-they are created through right support right from the grass-root level to the highest possible level, sufficient resources, ample opportunities and optimum exposure at the right time. Supporting sports and fostering fitness in every individual is our primary motto. And we fulfill this by tournaments or counseling drives like coaching clinics, marathons, basic training camps, seminars, etc. and by providing underprivileged and high performing players with financial aid to continue and support their career.

We even set up several free medical camps like oral cancer detection and breast cancer detection etc., to support a healthy lifestyle. We work in association with government bodies at Pan India level to bring about the change that we envision.

Along with this primary focus of sports development, the NGO works on a multi-purpose objectives level. It aims to cover as many social responsibilities as possible to march towards better beginnings. These objectives include promotion of arts & cultural, education, skill development, handcrafts & textiles, cottage & small scale industries, Cancer awareness, Environment & Climate Change, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene etc.

"Our goal will be directed towards providing financial and non-financial support to sportsperson who are either economical challenge or resources deprived. We believe the best sporting talent is given right opportunities to perform and incentive to excel, irrespective of religion, caste and sex then there is no stopping them to perform and do their country proud. It is just a start to work towards make a nation of active individuals. We have taken some steps but still a long ocean to cross."


"Our Mission is to improve the lives of the people and nurture sports talent in them."


"We have a dream to help people around the world to make their dreams come true."